Enrichment Education

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Career Academy

This is a full-day alternative program granting academic credit to students grades 7-12.  The Career Academy gives students the opportunity to learn beyond the traditional academic boundaries.  Students have an opportunity to work with real-world problems and challenges to come up with solutions and ways to manage.  The project-based program approach emphasizes learning to learn, problem solving and teamwork.

This program gives students opportunities to connect with the communities where they live to develop support systems.  Students have an opportunity to change their perceptions and achieve success.

This program blends the academic classes, on grade level, within a supportive system.  The smaller class setting is excellent to provide students with more attention and resources.  Students also explore career options with a hands-on approach.  They get to do things and experience the job.  This approach helps students choose a career path that fits their passion and skill level.

Social skills development is a very important part of this program.  Students interact with others developing their own community where they learn to respect, keep promises and commitments, and accept responsibility.  The program also offers students opportunities to practice courtesy, punctuality, improve communications, and build self confidence.

Program Highlights

  • Opportunity to complete academic work doing real-life applications
  • Work in smaller groups with more attention and support
  • Engage in community  resources and projects to increase exposure and opportunities
  • Access to career education through the Career & Technical Education in their high school     
  • Opportunity to become accountable and grow as a community member
  • Develop self esteem by learning to set individual meaningful goals 
  • Create a strong channel of communication between home and school

Best suited for:

Students, grades 7-12 who learn differently and could be at risk of not completing school.  

Students experiencing challenges within their personal life setting who could benefit from a change of pace and a new environment to grow new friends an establish new connections.

Students who are not thrilled with the traditional school experience and find it difficult to fit in within the classic academic class.  

Students who learn best from doing, experiencing and connecting with real life experiences.

Students who are struggling with the academic work load and need more attention to achieve their goals and to meet their grade level studies.

Students who have poor attendance and need a new environment where they can be accountable. 



The team includes Academic Teachers, Teacher Assistants, and School Social Worker.  They work with groups of 10 students or less who are scheduled throughout the day to allow for more opportunities to fit hands-on learning opportunities


Students are transported to the program via the home school BOCES bus.  Student driving is permitted only with approval from the home school principal and the BOCES principal.


According to schedules, students have the opportunity to access food at the cafeteria or to purchase food items during breaks. 

Examples of What Students Get To Do